Buddsbuddy Magic Heat Pack 1pc (Age 1yr+)

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Product Description

Our innovative magic heat packs are a great product to immediately relieve your baby's joint pain, muscle pain or any similar problems. The pack gets heated and heals the affected skin area temporarily. An absolute solution for Mothers to use for their kids.

Feature Points of BuddsBuddy Magic Heat Pack

At any instance, you may feel the need of any warm substance to warm your toddler down, especially when she/he experience joint pain or bruises. Magic heat pack will help you out to immediately provide that warmth need and reduce the pain that’s disturbing your little ones.

- Heats frequently – Magic heat pack is a magical product from Buddsbuddy to provide instant heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Uses – The pack is extensively used to warm your toddler’s hands, feet, or any other body part. Especially it is helpful to reduce the joint pains, improves blood circulation and is helpful to treat clogged ducts, muscle cramps, and bruises.
- Natural Care – Our product is completely anti-toxic and thus provides natural care without having any harsh effects on their delicate skin. Unlike other chemical packs, there will be no side effects after the use of the product.
- How to Use – Twist the coin inside the gel pack to activate it. In order to get maximum heat, squeeze and massage the pack until it gets softer and flexible.
- Reusable – Reusing of the pack is as simple as its first-time use. You just have to put it in boiling water for 15 minutes, then simmer for 5-10 minutes. Don’t remove the pack until it’s completely clear without any crystals over it. After that, remove the pack and cool it to the room temperature before next use.
- Leak-proof – Magic heat pack comes with double lock technology, which ensures that it remains completely leak-proof, even for prolonged use as well.
- Safety Norm – Magic heat pack is 100% safe for your kid’s use. It is completely comfortable for the tender skin of your baby and follows the International Safety Standards.

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Age 1Yr+
Brand Buddsbuddy
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